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American Dream: US’ Biggest Mall
Graham Cos. Plans on building a 3 million square feet complex next to the 6 million feet ‘American Dream’ mall, with the objective of taking advantage of the customers traffic and establish the best mall center in the Unites States of America. An important urban planner from Miami-Dade wants to create a mini suburb near the mall. The Graham Cos. sold the owner of the Mall of the Americas most of the land to his huge shopping mall in Miami-Dade, a 200-acre shopping theme park called American Dream Miami that will be approximately 40 percent larger than the original Minnesota. American Dream Miami plans include 6 million square feet of retail and entertainment space, and Graham Cos.' would have 3 million square feet: 2 million square feet for offices and commercial facilities, and 1 million for retail stores. In total, the project would cost about US$1.2 billion. Along with the most affordable rental space, the complex would have four hotels and a total of 800 rooms. That is in addition to the 2,000 planned at the American Dream Miami, a tourist attraction that claims to host about 30 million visitors a year. The idea is to create a community that can work well together with something so large and unique.
Medical Service
Doctors in Miami Deliver Telehealth Diagnosis
Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami is a hospital specialized in pediatrics innovating in Telehealth (destined locally and to South and Central America). This means that doctors have started to up the field of telemedicine. They are set out to develop an application portfolio that would give them telehealth technology, but also diagnostic technology. The intent is to be anywhere and everywhere an ailing child needed medical assistance, which means to be able to enable a cardiologist to hear a child’s heart murmur remotely or a pulmonologist to hear a child’s lungs remotely, and others. Their program does not limit itself to video conference but to use technology in order to help doctors have a full diagnosis of the children. They evolved into a health system that includes outpatient centers at 13 sites where they have telemedicine capability. They also offer their patients the chance to go back home and be connected back to their doctors and follow-up visits. One of the tools available through Nicklaus Children’s is telehealth carts, which are being used in several countries. Using a cart, the international physician can make a telehealth appointment with a Nicklaus Children’s specialist who can help consult on the most complicated cases using diagnostic technology capabilities. The doctor and specialists work together to achieve the best possible outcome for the child. The hospital has developed its own technology, they sought some of the most prominent diagnostic vendors and looked at their digital devices — whether it was a stethoscope, an otoscope, a derma-scope or even an ultrasound — to determine what would allow them to extend the physician as if they were present right there in front of the patient. Many of the doctors and nurses actually prefer using the new diagnostic tools to the traditional ones. The technology is so precise that it gives them an advantage of being able to hear things that they aren’t able to hear analog, with a stethoscope.
Cultural & Creative
Free Concerts in Miami are the New Hit in the A+E District
Miami-Dade County has a new place to showcase local sounds and other expressions of art. The ‘A+E District’ is an organization in charge of bringing events to the burgeoning areas of Wynwood, the Design District, and Downtown Miami. What is great about the shows the District puts together is that they are free. Reason why it is becoming a destination since it offers a variety of events like craft fairs, film festivals, farmer’s market and yoga. The concept of the A+E District was born as an effort from the planners to add cultural significance to the neighborhood. They realized that despite Miamians' desire to discover new, locally grown music, there was a fundamental ignorance of where to go and what to see.  Miami now has unique and unconventional outdoor concert series such as the Rooftop Unplugged Sessions at Filling Station and S'mores Under the Moonlight and the Miami Flea, both held at Canvas Miami.  "The Miami music scene has either been designated as Latin or electronic, and if you're within the Miami music scene, you know that couldn't be more wrong," says Bunster. "Miami has so many strong musicians in every genre. Churchill's is the only live music venue in Miami that you can go [to]any night and you can listen to local live bands, and it's more punk rock driven... You go to Lagniappe and there's jazz; you go to Ball & Chain and there's Latin. You can hear all these genres all over the city. So what A+E does in terms of what we put in is we try and hit all of those bases”, Prims Music Group Director said.
Tampa Bay to Increase Florida’s Economy
Port Tampa Bay’s December report shows it contributes US$17.2 billion in economic impact to the region, which grew from the US$15 billion reported in 2013, the last time the port commissioned a study. The study also showed the port supports 85,000 direct, indirect, induced and related jobs annually. Port Tampa Bay is considered the largest economic engine in West and Central Florida, since 16,040 direct jobs at Port Tampa Bay resulted in US$881 million of direct wage and salary income, for average earnings of US$54,920 per direct employee, the study stated. The port’s activity resulted in generating a total of US$612.2 million of state and local tax revenue. "In the short time I have been at Port Tampa Bay, we have been named the port operator of the year by Lloyd's List … but having this study validates the incredible work our team at Port Tampa Bay and our partners provide here. It truly is a testament to our outstanding port community," said Paul Anderson, port president and CEO in a statement. "We look forward to increasing that overall economic impact in the years ahead, with a variety of opportunities and projects that we will be announcing."
Franchise Industry
Liao Fan, Singapore's Michelin-starred hawker stall, to announce partnership and expansion
Michelin-starred Hong Kong soya sauce chicken rice and noodle stall Liao Fan may be going global. The hawker stall, which shot to fame in July after being anointed with one star by the Singapore Michelin guide, is holding a joint press conference sharing the details of “ collaboration and upcoming global expansion plans” with Hersing Culinary. Hersing owns the franchising rights to Hong Kong's Michelin-starred dim sum eatery Tim Ho Wan in the Asia Pacific region. Even as the stalls expands his business, the outlet at Chinatown Food Complex will remain and had received offers from five companies to buy the recipe. The stall owner wanted to remain a partner even after selling the recipe, and had laid out three criteria for potential partners. The first criteria was an offer of at least $2 million as a "guaranteed cooperation fee" for the recipe for the famed soya sauce chicken and cooking expertise. The second was that the partner had to have the resources to expand the brand "all over the world". Lastly, the company needed to ensure that the taste of his soya sauce chicken is replicated and standardized in all the outlets. The stall owner’s ambition is to become the "No. 2 chicken eatery chain" after fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

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