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International Medical Tourism has been booming globally in recent years, many Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, India, and Japan have been craving for a piece of pie in international medical tourism. Countries involving in international medical tourism had attracted patients from Europe, America, Middle East and all over the world to their countries for medical attention while on a tour.

Taiwan has the world-renowned premium medical services; Liver Transplantation, Cranio-Facial Surgery, Cardiovascular Treatment, Artificial Reproduction, Joint Replacement, and major critical surgeries are well recognized in global medical field. The achievements made a magnificent impact on delivering the absolute advantage and opportunity in promoting Taiwan international medical and health corelated industry export.

Taiwan International Medical and Health Corelated Industry Development Advantages and Opportunities:​

  1. Complete Medical System, Efficient Convenient Services, High Quality Service with Competitive Price, and Medical Information Technology. (15 hospitals in Taiwan were accredited by JCI in 2017)
  2. Top quality medical service followed by South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and India…etc.
  3. CNN rated Taiwan Medical Care System “world-class” with the best coverage comparing to the top leading countries in the North America and Europe.
  4. Member Ding-Xin, Chen and Yun-Fan, Liao from Academia Sinica Life Science Department were awarded with International Recognition Award by European Association for the Study of the Liver(EASL) in 2009 and 2013.
  5. "The Richest", a Canadian magazine commented that Taiwan Medical Service is the best in the world.
  6. English-friendly country with full-service associations assisting registration and administrative application for all overseas patients.
  7. Taiwan offers convenient, safe, and comfortable traveling experience that surpasses Korea and Singapore.
  8. The rich natural resources for sight-seeing and premium medical services(disease surgery, aesthetic medicine, and health exam) of Taiwan combining medical tourism doubles the economic benefits.


Key Medical Centers and hospitals in Taiwan:

Hospitals such as National Taiwan University Hospital(NTUH), Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Mackay Hospital…etc. from Taiwan have passed the evaluation by The Ministry of Health and Welfare in order to provide the best medical services to all overseas patients. Qualified hospitals even offer health-exam invitation for visa application to patients from Mainland China. For more detailed information on qualified hospitals, please visit The Ministry of Health and Welfare website:
You may also contact Service Industry Promotion Section I from Taiwan External Trade Development Council(TAITRA) at (02) 2725-5200 #1930


Industry Related Associations:

  1. Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC) (臺灣路竹醫療和平會)
  2. Taiwan Medical Tourism Development Association (臺灣觀光醫療發展協會)(TMTDA)
  3. Cross-Strait Health Care and Leisure Activities Association(中華海峽兩岸健康旅遊休閒協會)(海健會)
  4. Asia-Pacific Society of Travel Medicine (臺灣亞太旅遊觀光醫療協會)
  5. Asia-Pacific Society of Travel Medicine(亞太旅遊醫學會)
  6. Healthcare Industry Development Association across the Strait(HIDAS) (中華海峽兩岸醫療暨健康產業發展協會)(醫健會)
  7. Hualien International Medical Wellness Tourism (花蓮縣國際觀光醫療協會)