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“The “Cultural and Creative Industries” include 15+1 items:

Cultural and Creative Industry

According to the Law for the Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries decreed by Ministry of Culture in 2010, “The “Cultural and Creative Industries” referred to in this Act means the following industries that originate from creativity or accumulation of  culture through the formation and application of intellectual  properties, possess potential capacities to create wealth and job opportunities, enhance the citizens’ capacity for arts, and elevate the citizens’ living environment for the following 15+1 items:

(1) Visual art industry

(2) Music and performance art industry

(3) Cultural assets application and exhibition and performance facility industry

(4) Handicrafts industry

(5) Film industry

(6) Radio and television broadcast industry

(7) Publication industry

(8) Advertisement industry

(9) Product design industry

(10) Visual communication design industry

(11) Designer fashion industry

(12) Architecture design industry

(13) Digital content industry

(14)Creativity living industry

(15)Popular music and cultural content industry

(16) Other industries as designated by the central Competent Authority

Global Overview

According to the survey “First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries” jointly published by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC) and the professional service multinational company Ernst & Young (EY) in 2015, the revenue of the global cultural and creative industry reaches US$2.25 trillion, equal to 3% of the world’s GDP, exceeding Telecom services revenues US$1.57 trillion. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for the biggest market value. Computer games, books, and the movie industry are growing fast in the Asia Pacific region.

Taiwan Overview

Based on the “2019 Taiwan Cultural & Creative Industries Annual Report”, there were 64,401 cultural and creative industry related companies in Taiwan. The overall revenue was NT$8,732.2 billion, and the cultural and creative industries gross revenue accounted for 4.8% of the nominal GDP.

Key Players in Cultural and Creative Industry

  1. National Palace Museum國立故宮博物院
  2.  Franz法藍瓷
  3. Liuligongfang琉璃工房
  4. Tittot琉園
  5. Artilize Worldwide Co, Ltd藝拓

Industry related associations:

  1. Taiwan Design Center(臺灣創意設計中心) 
  2. Taipei Culture Foundation(臺北市文化基金會)
  3. Asia Pacific Cultural and Creative Industry Association CCIA(亞太文化創意產業協會 )
  4. Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industry Association(臺灣文化創意產業聯盟協會 )






Computer Animation Industry

Based on “Digital Content Industry in Taiwan: Analysis & Investment Opportunities”, the definition of the computer animation industry is “utilizing computers to assist or to produce constant sounds and images, broadly applied to the purpose of entertainment or other industrial and commercial industries “The end products can be divided into 4 sub categories, including: TV animation, film animation, new media animation, and personal image authorization and derivative products.


TV animation: the animated products played on TV channels, 1 episode per week, with 13 episodes per season.

Film animation: movies made with animation, including the big screen versions of TV animation, and original films, including originated, film foundries, special effects, etc.New media animation: the animation products specifically utilizing new technology such as computers, the internet and mobile devices to play, but also used in theaters, museums, amusement parks, and exhibition & performance business, etc.

Personal image authorization and derivative products: the personal image authorization for varied animation and derivative products

Global Overview

According to Research and Markets Report, the total value of global animation industry was US$ 250 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 270 billion by 2020. Most of the segments in the animation industry are growing at the rate of 2% YoY. The spend on special effects as a percent of production cost is about 20%-25%. The traditional form of content viewership is giving way to a sharp increase in streaming video consumption. The size of streaming market for animation content was US$ 3.5 Billion in 2019 and is growing at an annual rate of 8%.

Current Situation in Taiwan

According to "2019 Taiwan digital Content Industry Yearbook", Taiwan animation industry output value of 2018 up to NT $7.85 billion, obtain the 3.3 growth compare with 2017.The main growth momentum comes from the revenue of animation film and portrait authorized merchandise, Taiwan's high-quality original content rich in multi-image by the international recognition, The business model of related derivatives is also more sophisticated, so that the revenue growth of authorized commodities reached 12.7%, driving the maturity of the overall business model.

Key Players:

The iconic companies for individual categories include:TV animation: Engine Studio原金國際, Xanthus冉色斯, Click Multimedia Co和利得., Winland Multimedia文瀾, Studio 2, etc.Film animation: F. Rhythm 3D Animation Company幻想曲, Coolframes Digiworks酷分仔, Red Alien Animation Studio紅色外星人, CGCG Creation Institute西基, The White Rabbit Entertainment, Inc兔將, BULKY Animation Studio 大腕動畫,etc.New media animation: Green Paddy Animation Studio青禾, YAOX5D躍獅, Brogent Technologies, Inc智崴., Digimax太極影音, etc.  Personal image authorization and derivative products: Xanthus冉色斯, Winland Multimedia文瀾、, Pili Multimedia Inc霹靂國際, Xanthus冉色斯、Studio Ilya小不點動畫、President Chain Store統一超商、Dnaxcat九藏喵窩、Jump Media飛耀文創etc.

Related Associations:

1.Animation & Comic Creative Association(臺灣動漫創作協會 )

2.Taiwan Animation and Comic Promoting Association(臺灣動漫畫推廣協會)

3.Taiwan Micro Film Creative Association(臺灣微電影創作協會)

4.International Digital Entertainment Creative(社團法人國際數位娛樂創意協會)





Digital Content Industry – Video Game Industry

According to the 10th edition of Standard Industrial Classification published by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C(Taiwan), the game industry belongs to the Software Publication industry. The definition states “the industry engages in software publication, such as publication of operating systems, application software, game software; management of online game websites also counts in this category”. Also, according to the regulation of “Law for the Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries”, the cultural and creative industry includes 15+1 industries, such as the game industry (so-called digital game industry) in the digital content industry. Games could be divided into different categories in accordance with varied platforms, such as computer games (single player or internet), handheld game consoles, home video game consoles, mobile games, etc. They all have different groups of fans for different types of games. With the popularity of smart devices and the internet, game related services including mobile advertisements, online storage, computer facility rentals, game localization, third-party payment etc. More and more emerging innovative services appear, which facilitates the booming development of the game industry.

Global Overview

According to the report from the games, esports and mobile intelligence “Newzoo”, the output value of the global games market will reach US$159.3 billion in 2020, and mobile games market remain the largest segment with 49% of the global games market ($77.2 billion). It is expected the number of output value to hit US$220.8 billion by 2023.

Current Situation in Taiwan

In the 1990s, the personal computer industry flourished. At that time, the value of Taiwan's game industry ranked third in the world, producing a variety of popular global games. In recent years, with the popularization of smart devices, it has brought a new wave of growth to the game industry in Taiwan. According to the report of the game industry market research institute Newzoo, Taiwan's game industry revenue in 2018 was $1.3 billion, making it the 15th largest market in the world. Analyze the value of game categories in the two mobile app download platforms of iOS and Google Play. Taiwan ranks 5th in the world respectively. It is obvious that Taiwan only has a small population of gamers but the potential purchasing power cannot be underestimated. With its freedom and diversity and innovative ability, Taiwan gaming company has outstanding performance in VR / AR game development, game art design, game payment and advertising, and e-sports equipmen, etc. The Taiwan game industry has unlimited potential.  

Key Players

There are 21 companies who trade over the counter or are listed on the stock exchange, including Soft-World International Corporation & Subsidiaries, Gamania Digital Entertainment, International Games System Co., Ltd, Chinesegamer International Corp., UserJoy Technology Co, Ltd, Wayi International Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., Interserv International Inc, Softstar Entertainment, Cayenne Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., X-Legend Entertainment Corp, MacroWell OMG Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd, Netmarble Joybomb, Fun Yours Technology Co., Ltd, SNSplus Inc, XAC, Taomee Taiwan, Cube Magic Inc, Pubgame, 9Splay Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd, etc, including independent developers, operators, publishers, third-party payment processors. They all have their major businesses independently.

Other companies are not listed on the stock exchange or trade over the counter, but they utilize the diversity, freedom and the ability of innovation of their game development teams, and have performed excellently in the mobile gaming field, including Rayark Inc, Orangenose Studio, Moshi, Auer Media & Entertainment Corp. etc. They all create many high-quality games, and it is obvious that the game industry in Taiwan has unlimited potential.

Gaming Industry Associations in Taiwan

  1. Taipei Computer Association

  2. New Taipei City Computer Association

  3. Institute for Information Industry

  4. Taiwan Game Industry Promotion Alliance

  5. Taiwan Game Cooperation Development Association

  6. Digital Economy Industry Promotion Office

  7. Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality

  8. Taiwan eSports League

  9. IGDA Taiwan

  10. Taiwan VTuber Association