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Information Service Industry is knowledge intensive and has high added value. Through the combination of Information and Communication Technology and professional knowledge from related industries, Information Services could assist with the innovation of other industries and enhance their operational efficiency. It’s the key industry related to national competitiveness. With the constant upgrading of innovative applications in big data, mobile technology and cloud services, the scale of the information service industry will continue to grow.


Scope of the Industry

Information Service Industry can be divided into 2 categories, namely “Computer System Design Service,” and “Data Processing and Digital Information Supply Services”. Computer software design, System Integration and other computer system design services industries belong to the former category. Data Processing and Digital Information Supply Services are for people who engage in operations of portal website, web hosting, data processing and other information providing services, such as operation of portal website management, people in web hosting industry and other related service industries.     

According to a senior industry analyst at the Institute of Industrial Intelligence (MIC), the Taiwanese information services software market is growing fastest with cloud services and is gradually eroding the traditional software market. The cloud service has a compound annual growth rate of 18.6% from 2014 to 2019. It is estimated that the cloud service market can grow to $73.1 billion by 2019.


Future Outlook

For the overall industry, the development of Taiwan Information Service Industry is facing limitations, such as small scale of the domestic market, small size and scattered enterprises, and weak brand images internationally. Only developing the international market could promote the innovation and enhancement of the Taiwan Information Service Industry. In fact, the application of the Information Service Industry is broad. From the perspective of industry application, the biggest global market for Information Service Industry is in the financial and government sectors, with the communication, manufacturing and circulation industries next. Taiwan is equipped with the advantage in Information Service hardware supply chain. With the prosperous development of Internet of Things (IoT), we can establish demonstration fields in the domestic market, optimizing software, hardware and service processes, to further develop a business model to apply service industry turnkey solution, activating the business opportunities for Information Service Industry output. Because Internet of Things applications have a wide range of business opportunities, from personal smart consumer electronics Internet of Things to home appliance Internet of Things, to the industrial Internet of vertical industry applications in the industrial and commercial sector, this interactive connection creates smart homes, smart transportation, smart cities and smart manufacturing, which are the application fields of the Internet of Things.


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