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Printing Industry


According to the “2016 Taiwan Printing Industry White Paper” published by Printing Technology Research Institute in 2017, printing is a craft and technology which directly or indirectly transfers information content such as graphics and texts to the printing material with the goal of duplication, and increasing the product value or function.


Digital printing has brought diverse and innovative opportunities for the printing industry in recent years, including Web-To-Print, digital printing and services, work flow automation, digital printing machine, personalized and originated services, e-commerce, targeted market, etc. The key field of the said printing exhibition includes: ink jet printing, automatic printing work flow, digital asset management, ROOM, the interaction between printing and mobile communication, digital image, cross media marketing solution, creative production and electronic printing, etc.


Global Overview:


According to the “The Future of Global Printing to 2022” published by Smithers Pira, shows that the worldwide print industry remains in a stage of transition, it is expected that the global market scale of the printing industry will reach US$814.5 billion in 2022, which illustrating that value-adding potential still exists. The report also indicates that the rate of change and future profitability vary across a number of criteria – print process, substrate, end-use application and geographic region. For example, the market share for digital (toner and inkjet) systems will grow from 16% to 20% across the forecast period. Also, significant market opportunities do remain, especially in packaging print, and those segments where print service providers can adapt to delivering higher value, shorter run work. China is the biggest market for the printing industry nowadays, and the growth of Mexico, Russia and others also should not be underestimated.


Current Situation in Taiwan:


Based on the Department of Statistics, MOEA, the Taiwan printing industry output was NT$69.962 billion in 2016. It decreased 3.85% compared to the NT$67.369 billion in 2015. With the limitation of the industry characteristics, the printing industry belongs to the domestic demand industry. The proportion of domestic sales was 86%. The value of international sales was only NT$9.4 billion in 2015, not even a thousandth of gross export value. With the background of domestic demand saturation, the oversupply situation of domestic printing industry is serious.


Key Players:


According to the static of China Credit Information Service, Ltd, Taiwan’s top 10 printing companies in terms of 2015 annual revenue includes: Central Engraving and Printing Plant, Yuen Foong Paper Co., Ltd, Bai Sha Technology, The Printing Plant, Ministry of Finance, Sentien Printing Factory Co., Ltd, China Color Printing, Choice Development, Inc., Shen’s Art Printing Co., Ltd, Evergreen International Corporation and Red & Blue Color Printing.



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