As the world's 399th store of Presotea, Presotea Vietnam inherits the 00 tea drink as the owner of the five generations of tea farmers. 99% of the original materials and materials are fresh, and customers are expected to savor this natural taste. Yueshang came to Taiwan to visit the Spring Festival of 2017 Taipei International Franchise Exhibition. After negotiating with Taiwan's famous tea brand: 00 tea, he decided to be the exclusive agent in Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh office assisted Yueshang in registering the 00 tea trademark. Taiwanese contractors signed, assisted in the opening event and the media publicity.

The founder, Chen Meiyan, assisted Mr., a fifth-generation descendant from a well-known Taiwanese old tea factory. He inherited the top tea-making technology that surpassed the number of Jiazi, using fresh tea and professional quenching technology, and is committed to research and development. Rushing drinks, insisting that each cup of tea is made by means of high-pressure quenching of tea soup. "English Presotea for 00 tea is taken from Espresso," insists on the method of high-pressure extraction of espresso coffee, the cup is passed through the constant temperature timing Expresso tea machine, and the tea bag with qualitative and quantitative content is used. Fresh tea soup; not only avoids the long-term placement of the tea barrel, it may cause health problems, as well as the taste of tea that has been soaked for a long time, and the tea is also extracted, the tea is full of fragrance, the tea bottom is distinctive, and the store scene is bright and clean. The modern "Espresso Tea Maker" is lined up with a metallic sheen under the light.

Through the Ho Chi Minh Office of the Association, the Vietnamese company registered the 00 tea trademark, signed with the Taiwanese company, assisted the opening event and the media publicity. The Vietnamese agent officially opened the first county in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on November 11 this year. The opening of the store provides consumer delivery and group purchase services, including:

Twenty-two juices and teas are available.
Order four cups of tea with a total price of more than 200,000 VND.
The delivery distance is not included in the delivery fee within three kilometers.


Photo: Opening on November 11th this year, it is located in the Presotea street shop in the first county of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.