The Immigration Business Department of Lion Travel is mainly responsible for providing services for foreigners coming to Taiwan for travel, including sightseeing tours for short stays and related experience activities. In the past, the department would basically hire Taiwanese, but it has been recruiting foreign talents since 2018 as a measure that works in conjunction with the new southbound policy of the government and plans to gradually open up the Southeast Asia national market for travel to Taiwan. Due to the particularity of languages of Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, etc., as well as the fact that the penetration rate of English is not as prevalent as that of Europe and the United States, Lion Travel needs talents that are closer and more familiar with these foreign markets in order to open up these southbound markets with great potential. Therefore, hiring foreign talents proficient in local languages has become an emerging demand. At present, Lion Travel is pursuing talents of foreign nationals from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and other countries.


Indonesian overseas Chinese Yeh, who joined Lion Group earlier this year, said that she was previously enrolled for schooling at the Department of International Trade of Ming Chuan University, which is why she would like to increase her Chinese language ability and accumulate work experience in Taiwan. As such, she took the initiative to sign up for one-on-one employment-match meeting held by Contact Taiwan in Taipei. At the meeting, employee Yeh talked to many different companies on the same day and actually did not expect to devote herself to the tourism industry. On the day of the interview, supervisors of Lion Travel were very friendly and detailed about the company, so that employee Yeh felt that tourism was a very interesting business. Furthermore, the scale of Lion Travel is enormous, with its market share leading others in the trade, which piqued her interest in joining Lion Travel and giving it a try. Later, employee Yeh was lucky enough to receive the opportunity for a second interview, and she strongly felt that the task of tourism was not simple. From business solicitation, planning, and grouping to follow-up customer relationship maintenance, all of the tasks would require a lot of learning, and although it is hard work, it is also very rewarding. Employee Yeh noted that although her Chinese ability requires much sharpening, she can feel the support of her supervisors and colleagues, who help to guide her to learn about professional skills, such as replying to customers, arranging travel routes, and establishing follow-up skills for customer retention. Time and again, employee Yeh expressed her gratitude to the company for providing an opportunity to continuously learn, grow, and improve. In addition to the one-on-one matchmaking meeting, employee Yeh also participated in the overseas Chinese and foreign student campus seminars held by Contact TAIWAN at Jihe Campus of Ming Chuan University. Overall, she has a positive impression of the lectures as being most helpful to career development. Therefore, she has always given much attention to related talent recruitment events held by Contact Taiwan and also recommended it to her foreign friends.