HAZUKIDO, whose delicious croissants sell out daily, is the renowned croissant franchising brand of Trust Da Management Consulting Co. Ltd. The brand first appeared in Taiwan in 2016. HAZUKIDO embraces the spirit of Japan and selects the highest quality ingredients. The exclusive folding technique creates a complexity of textures in the mouth with its crispy outer layer and soft inner layer.

There are currently 10 HAZUKIDO stores in Taiwan, all of which are located in department stores and primarily serve takeaway customer. Although the price of its croissant isn't low (from NT$38-68), HAZUKIDO is winning its customers' love. Beside department stores, they offer both delivery and online pre-order services. Customers can order croissants through their website and collect them at their off-line stores.

After gaining a firm foothold in Taiwan, overseas agents from all over the world are interested in cooperating with their brands. HAZUKIDO first came to Malaysia after laying out their market into Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai.  Last year, HAZUKIDO participated in the “Taiwan Franchise Brand Pavilion”, organized by TAITRA in “Malaysia International Retail and Franchise Exhibition, MIRF 2018”. Through the exhibition platform, they not only enhanced brand awareness, but also found local partners to work with. After a year of preparation, the first HAZUKIDO branch in Malaysia opened on July 16 this year.

HAZUKIDO wishes to expand its market in Southeast Asia. They will keep on working with TAITRA to lay out their global market step by step.