Avatack Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of adhesive materials. With a strong commitment to innovation, Avatack positions itself as a global supplier of adhesive material, with cost-effectiveness and superior product quality. Avatack is located in the Asia-Pacific region, with 33 manufacturing, processing and representative offices in Taiwan, China, as well as East Asia, and markets its products to customers worldwide. With its core technology of polymerization and precision coating, Avatack provides a total solution for its customers. Their products have been widely used across industries including automobile, electronic, medical, food, construction, consumer industries, and more.

    In addition to the existing Asia Pacific locations, Avatack is also preparing to open a Japanese branch and recruit Japanese employees. TAITRA therefore invited Avatack's representatives to Osaka and Tokyo to participate in local recruitment activities, which were jointly organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and TAITRA. Accompanied by TAITRA's specialists, Avatack's delegates inspected the local commercial market environment and office locations. Through these activities, Avatack also communicated with many well-known companies that have been developing in Japan for a long time and gained experience in local business development and recruitment.

    Avatack's delegates said the results of this trip exceeded expectations and they benefited a lot. TAITRA's assistance contributed significantly to their company's future establishment and recruitment in Japan. After participating in activities in Osaka and Tokyo, Avatack is interested in setting up a new branch office in Osaka. Therefore, TAITRA specialists also arranged for Avatack's representatives to visit the Taiwan Trade Center in Osaka. Subsequent feedback from delegates informed that Avatack had decided to lease the Taiwan Trade Center office in Osaka as their first location in Japan.