MiiS is a medical imaging innovation solution provider. The core competence of MiiS is that we provide a total solution of digital medical scope products integrated with a high-quality optical system, real-time imaging processing and high safety following the medical certification. We focus on designing and manufacturing of digital portable devices, integrating medical care networks, the advanced research institutions, and IT industry. The mission of MiiS is “Helping people is ahead of making money”.  We are committed to eye care total solutions, AI medical solutions, and mobile medical services to improve remote medical care.

MiiS exhibited Horus Scope in Taiwan Expo. Horus Scope adopts new optical design and innovative integration of the mechanical and electronic system. It's the world's first and currently the only handheld digital camera with 5 Mega-pixel resolution. This system incorporates High Definition (1080p) camera technology and offers multiple video output options. Photo and videos can be captured with the touch of a button and transferred seamlessly to a laptop or PC for store and forward applications. The shared fuselage product design can also replace the lens to perform different functions of the inspection, and the provincial resources of a green design concept.

The Vietnamese GP Specialists purchased a digital video camera from MiiS in Ho Chi Minh and knew it’s made in  Taiwan.

GP Specialists noticed that MiiS has participated Taiwan EXPO in Vietnam, and came to talk with MiiS from Ho Chi Minh City to experience the latest products. After in-depth understanding of MiiS, GP Specialists confirmed that it will sell MiiS products in Vietnam.

MiiS said: Due to the uniqueness of the products, we have successfully found the partners through the Taiwan EXPO, and we are very grateful for the assistance of Taitra.