It is the era of rapid advancement of electronic technology. The overuse of 3C products by people all over the world has seriously affected many people's vision and physical health.  Color Life's business philosophy insists on promoting the mechanism to protect eyes for all people.  We are committed to the development of the pure natural fruit oil plant product for eye-protection  - "Mu Bei Guo", which is well-known as " GAC" -the "fruit from heaven" and the "Guardian God for the soul of eyes.". In addition to being acknowledged by many physicians, professionals, and lively media interviews, we have established the“Customer Satisfaction No.1, Eye Care Brand" in Taiwan for many years. It becomes the most powerful eye protection product against 3C for modern people and will bring all-round health care for the whole family as well.

2019 Taiwan Healthcare Industry Delegation to Malaysia and Thailand was the first TAITRA activity Jiale Color Life business participated in, and it was also the first time they promote their product- GAC OILVision in the new south bound market. 

Via the trade meeting in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, they found that there was a large demand for natural vision dietary supplement in the Southeast Asian countries. Thus, Jiale Color Life decided to start expanding its business in Southeast Asian market. 

Jiale was impressed by the high accuracy of the buyers TAITRA invited at the trade meeting. Under the after-event follow up, the company said they are keeping in close touch with a Malaysian distributor who would like to sell their product. Jiale was satisfied with the outcome of its first trade mission with TAITRA, and they will aggressively join TAITRA’s trade activities in the future.