Taiwan has excellent public health and medical resources, and has accumulated rich experience in epidemic prevention. In addition to the advanced deployment of these resources by the government, Taiwan has attracted attention from various countries because of its strong epidemic prevention performance. Many foreign doctors have been taking counsel from Taiwan.

TAITRA received inquiries from India, seeking to learn from the epidemic prevention experience of Taiwan ’s hospitals, in order to assist Indian medical staff in improving their own prevention measures and reducing local infections. TAITRA contacted National Cheng Kung University Hospital, which has been operating in the Indian market for many years, to arrange a sharing of Taiwan's experience in epidemic prevention.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital arranged a webinar on 2nd April, with Dr. Po-Lin Chen, an associate professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases and the head of the COVID-19 Quarantine Station, who delivered a keynote speech on COVID-19 and responded to questions raised by the Indian medical staff on the spot.

In this anti-epidemic course, a total of nearly 9,000 Indian medical staff were online at the same time and participated in the webinar.