AQUIVIO establishes a nutritious beverage ecosystem and service platform through IOT beverage equipment, and uses smart digital services to provide a healthier, more convenient and eco-friendly "Water as a Service (Haas)" solution, which is an innovative service related to smart catering.

German startup team AQUIVIO came to Taiwan in December 2020 to participate in the "Mighty Net Hardware Express Hardware Entrepreneurship Acceleration Project" hosted by the Mighty Net Innovation Base of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan. The foreign startup team broke through the difficulties and assisted AQUIVIO to successfully complete the hardware and software development of the IOT hydration equipment, and at the same time update the hardware facilities such as the integrator of the IOT hydration equipment.

In view of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the United States, AQUIVIO dissolved Lyfematter Inc., a US subsidiary, and transferred all its business to Taiwan. With the assistance of the Association, it established "Lifemate Co., Ltd." in Taipei City. At the same time, it was looking for customers and Build sales channels. In February 2021, Lifemate began to provide products to customers in Taiwan. The company is currently partnering with Taiwan’s latest accelerator (Taiwan Accelerator Plus, TACC +) to become Linkou’s accelerator support program partners, and will continue to gradually develop the Taiwan and Asia-Pacific markets.

Services provided by TAITRA:
1. Provide information about Taiwan's investment environment and investment setup procedures.
2. Arrange visiting tour to Taiwan and consult with accountants.
3. Assist AQUIVIO. Inc. in the establishment of "Lifemate Co., Ltd." in Taipei City, with a unified number of 283172099 and a capital of NT$500,000.