The Penn Group is a well-known real estate and energy group in the United States. Its business projects include real estate, minerals, and solar energy. There are branches in Canada. In September 2019, the Taiwan Trade Center, Toronto assisted the project manager, Mr. Yoong, to come to Taiwan to find a suitable land plant (above 100 hectares), in addition to providing information on laws and policies related to investment and development of energy in Taiwan, and providing government department-related contact windows.


The world is in a critical era of the energy transition. The development of green and low-carbon energy will play a key role in leading the third industrial revolution. Energy is not only a source of power to promote economic growth, but green energy development is a new engine that drives economic development. In addition to providing information on energy laws and regulations, TAITRA also provides a docking window for the investment office for the development of solar energy projects in Tainan.


In July 2020, the Penn Group confirmed its cooperation with Taiwan Green Rock Energy Company and expected to invest USD 350 million in the development of solar power plants in southern Taiwan. On September 15 of the same year, the Penn Group established the “Penn Energy Taiwan Renewables, Ltd.” in Taipei City. Through the connection to Taiwan Trade Center, Toronto, TAITRA assisted the Penn Group to successfully enter Taiwan’s energy market. The investment of the group is expected to contribute to Taiwan’s green power and the sustainable development of the global environment, carbon reduction and environmental protection.


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