RYATICO Trading Company is a Russian company headquartered in Moscow, established in August 2018. Its team aims to introduce innovative and high-quality products and services under the "Made in Russia" brand to Asian consumers.

In order to expand its business in Asia, RYATICO intends to enter the Taiwan market. For this reason, the Moscow Taiwan Trade Center invited the company to participate in the 2020 Taiwan International Beauty Expo online exhibition, exhibiting BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE brand health supplements and vitamins and other products; Later, through the services of international strategic alliances, we help industry players understand Taiwan's investment environment and set-up procedures, and provide Taiwan banks and foreign exchange financial information, including introductions to China Banking Corporation, Taishin Bank, and Citibank.

Subsequent RYATICO representative Ms. Daria Kudryashova, with the assistance of the Association, came to Taiwan for inspection in February of this (2021), successfully completed the office lease, and officially established Russian Merchant Liaqi International Trade in Taiwan on February 4 Trading Co., Ltd., also became RYATICO, in addition to Tokyo, Japan, the second overseas business base.

At present, Ryatico's main business is to introduce Russian goods and services to the Japanese and Taiwanese markets, in order to incorporate the products produced by Russian companies into the global value chain, and to import modern equipment and technologies from Taiwan and Japan to meet the needs of Russian companies.
Ryatico stated that its mission is to respond to global competition, create principles of mutual benefit and sustainable economic growth for the economic activities of Russia and Asia-Pacific countries, create an attractive business environment, and strive to occupy an important market share in the Asia-Pacific countries. Committed to attracting foreign investment in infrastructure, innovation and mutually beneficial business projects in the Russian Federation.

Therefore, I am quite optimistic about the development of trade between Taiwan and Japan, and look forward to promoting the growth of the attractiveness of Russian investment and creating more attractive export opportunities for Russian companies.