Due to the raging COVID-19 epidemic and the shortage of medicines in Brazil, in March 2021, the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, MOFA, R.O.C reported the medicinal needs from the Commercial Office of Brazil in Taipei to inquire about products such as muscle relaxants, sedatives, anesthetics, and pain relievers.

TAITRA then cooperated with the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center to facilitate a sedatives and anesthetic drug procurement case between the OO Company and Brazilian hospitals.

OO has a wide range of new drug development capabilities and experience: from raw material drug production to human clinical trials; from drug screening to US FDA new drug approval. As the developmental environment for new drugs in Taiwan has matured, OO companies have gradually transferred certain self-executed tasks (such as drug synthesis, biochemical analysis, and human PK testing) to outsourced execution. OO's extensive new drug development technology and experience have become important competitive advantages in drug development. It can develop various types of drugs, including the most difficult and complex new drugs with cutting-edge ingredients, medicines with improved dosage forms, new treatments with sustained-release dosage forms, and specialty generic drugs. Another advantage of the OO company is that it has executed quite a few government plans and has established advanced project execution and project management capabilities.