Shanpo Life Co., Ltd. with the enthusiasm and ideas of young people during their university years. For six years, the team has been committed to developing new conceptual design products that have not been seen in the market and insisted on Taiwan R&D, design, and manufacture in Taiwan.

In 2018, it began to transform into the development of novelty products. The product [self-supporting pen] pioneered the patent of magnetic field structure, which can float forever without electricity. It has multi-national patents. At present, it has distributors in 7 countries, and the products have been sold to 70 countries around the world. Global crowdfunding has exceeded 30 million Taiwan dollars, and revenue has doubled every year. In addition, it has also won many international design awards, such as the Muse Design 2020 Gold Award in the United States and the 2020 DFA Merit Award Asian Design Award.

A new brand [novium] was launched in 2021 and has broken many international crowdfunding records. Xiaoshanpo officially changed its name to [Zhushan Co., Ltd.] in September of the same year (2021), hoping to push Xiaoshanpo to a higher level of development. It Is an astonishment in Taiwan's cultural and creative design.

Participated in the 2021 "On-line Trade Mission of New Normal Life Business Opportunities in Design Products to Japan, and attracted 16 Japanese companies to register and negotiate. As a result, Novium successfully became the supplier of Japan's most famous TSUTAYA Bookstore this August.  TSUTAYA  was founded in 1983 and has established more than 1,400 branches in Japan. The head office "Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore" is known as one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores globally. " TSUTAYA Bookstore" Representing new lifestyle energy in Japan, it is the most popular large-scale music, books, stationery, and gift compound bookstore in Japan among young people. According to statistics, about half of the young people of the 20th generation in Japan patronize and consume at the " TSUTAYA Bookstore," a virtual channel for Taiwan's cultural and creative design products. NOVIUM Through the promotion of this sales group, with the design and differentiation of its products, it has opened up the Japanese market and achieved fruitful results.