Taiwan's OO Technology Co., Ltd. has observed the popularity of Taiwan bubble tea worldwide, and the demand for automation behind it is an opportunity to develop. Consequently, they have invested in the research, development, and production of automatic bubble tea machines to meet the needs of bubble tea brand owners.


In August 2021, TAITRA organized the "2021 Taiwanese Franchise Brand Online Trade Meeting for North America". In addition to assisting Taiwanese companies to set up a promotional website, we also arranged the "2021 Taiwanese F&B Franchise Online Brand Show" before trade meetings to help OO film Chinese and English promotional videos for exposure on the internet. We also assisted OO to have trade meetings with 12 buyers from the U.S. and Canada, including a well-known Canadian N company.


After the event, OO maintained contact with buyers and confirmed their needs. One of the buyers, the Canadian N company, indicated that the bubble tea market is solid but limited due to human resources issues. The labor shortage in North America is a serious issue, and the cost of labor is very high. Using automated equipment to replace it can further solve the labor problem and develop the local bubble tea industry.


Therefore, the initial direction of cooperation between OO and the Canadian N company is to make N a distributor of OO in Canada.