Vinaera was established in 1997. In 2014, the world's first electronic decanter (MV6/MV62) was released, and it was immediately recognized by the German Red Dot Design Best Design Award, creating a revolution in decanting equipment. Through Vinaera's patented design, it can effectively reduce the bitterness and miscellaneous taste of red wine due to brewing, and then retain the smooth and aromatic taste of red wine, improve the original value of wine, and enable modern people to be simple and convenient in a busy environment.


In 2018, the "world's first adjustable electronic decanter" (Vinaera PRO-MV7) was launched, and it has won many international design awards: Japan Good Design Award, London International CREATIVE Competition Award, European Product Design Award Silver Prize, USA International Design Awards Gold Winner and Taiwan Excellence Silver Award.


Vinaera participated in the 2021 "Taiwan Outstanding Cultural Innovation Show Manufacturers Online Conference and Malaysia Trade Mission" event, and was inquired and purchased by Malaysian businessman MEKIO Holdings Sdn Bhd, successfully entering the Malaysian channel market, and follow-up business opportunities can be expected.