In order to expand business in the Asia-Pacific region, OO foreign company wants to enter the Taiwan market for development and make Taiwan a strategic partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, OO foreign company was referred by Ufficio di Rappresentanza di Taipei in Italia, in May 2021, hoping that TAITRA can provide potential partners in Taiwan. TAITRA provides Glory Technology to make an arrangement with OO foreign company online in June 2021.

Glory Technology was established in 2011, providing system and solution integration services, dedicated to infrastructure services, operation and maintenance management (OMM), focusing on smart transportation, smart city, smart grid, disaster prevention, and relief, and other professional fields. Its business includes smart transportation, road, rail, and airport port affairs; smart city, PPP investment, ICT system integration and construction; smart grid, green energy, power plant communication system; homeland security disaster prevention and relief system integration planning and construction.

During the meeting, they were very satisfied with this arrangement, understood the high relevance of each other's domain. They were very willing to follow up on business cooperation and thanked TAITRA for this arrangement. Since the meeting, OO foreign company has been contacting with Glory Technology frequently to discuss technical fields such as radar technology, navigation monitoring, marine notification, etc., and will cooperate in Taiwan tenders in January 2022, and develop business cooperation in the future.

Glory Technology said that it has benefited a lot from the meeting with OO foreign company. Both parties are specialized in the fields of smart transportation, smart city, public safety, smart grid, and homeland security fortifications. This tender cooperation is only the first step. Glory Technology and the OO foreign company will have more opportunities for international cooperation in the future, become strategic partners in expanding the global market, familiar with regional business, and create mutually beneficial business cooperation. They can also strive for international standards on their own, and thank TAITRA again for this arrangement.