OO Foods Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production, development, and innovation of beef noodles for a long time. The Company developed a variety of exclusive noodles and special technologies and won various awards. The company also provided OEM services and developed beef peripheral products, such as frozen packages, beef jerky, etc., which are sold through e-commerce platforms. In addition to opening its first store in Taipei, it has also opened chain stores in Hong Kong and Canada.


In March 2022, TAITRA handled the "2022 Int’l Franchise Business Day". The Thai P Company has specially designated OO Foods Co., Ltd. as one of the brands for a one-on-one meeting. The P Company is a large distributor of consumer goods in Thailand with an annual turnover of US$22 million. They would like to expand their business to the operation of chain restaurants in the near future. On "2022 Int’l Franchise Business Day", the P Company was very interested in OO Food Co., Ltd. 's beef noodles and wanted to introduce its group to sell it. OO Food Co., Ltd. has sent samples to the buyer to test the taste. If the demand from the Thai buyer is high enough in the future, OO Food Co., Ltd. can authorize the P Company to tune the taste and then put it on the shelves to sell.