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According to statistics, the overall output value of Taiwan's service industry is more than 60% of GDP, and the related employment is accounting for nearly 60% of total employment. Evidently, the service industry is the main source of Taiwan's economic growth and jobs.

Taiwan has the geographical advantage of being close to the emerging Asian markets. Its rich natural resources and diverse ethnic cultures are strong selling points attracting international tourists to Taiwan. Furthermore, the overall technology and modes of operation for Taiwan’s service industry are gradually maturing, while language and cultural similarities keep Taiwan tuned in to any changes in the global Chinese market. However, Taiwan's service industry previously focused on the domestic market, and thus lacks the talent and resources needed for overseas marketing. Therefore, the Council for Economic Planning and Development has commissioned the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to establish the “Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform” with the goal of helping Taiwanese businesses promote the service industry and advance into the global market.

Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform now focuses on many service industries like Medical Service, Culture and Creative, Franchise, Information Service, Energy, Printing, Beauty Industry, Chinese medicine & Logistics to link up with the global markets.

 This website provides the latest business developments and analysis, business information from around the world, international service industry trends, information and services related to domestic and international commercial exhibitions, relevant Taiwan laws and regulations, guiding policies and resources, information regarding the relaxing of Taiwan’s financial regulations, and research achievements. Additionally, there will be media promotion for international service industry exhibitions, thus connecting potential investors and consumers to Taiwan’s service industry. It is hoped that this service can create more business opportunities and help