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Greener cars can wait, India laps up BS-IV models on festive offers
With only five months to go for new emission norms to kick in, automakers have started the drive to launch BS-VI petrol vehicles. However, BS-VI variants seem to move slower with customers preferring BS-IV variant products in the current festival season. Auto companies have been doling out a number of offers to reduce their BS-IV inventories with some offering discounts up to Rs 1 lakh on certain products in their portfolio. With only five months to go for new emission norms to kick in, automakers have started the drive to launch BS-VI petrol vehicles. However, BS-VI variants seem to move slower with customers preferring BS-IV variant products in the current festival season. Auto companies have been doling out a number of offers to reduce their BS-IV inventories with some offering discounts up to Rs 1 lakh on certain products in their portfolio. Deep discounts have boosted sentiments to some extent, during the first ten days of the festive season leading up to Dussehera. Sources say Maruti SuzukiNSE 0.46 % saw an uptake in wholesale and retail sales of their BS-IV products by 5-7% in these 10 days helping clear stocks. “Sales of BS-VI are not booming but at the same time we do not have much unsold BS-IV inventory. We planned our BS-VI product launches ahead of the deadline,” said RC Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki.   Early adoption of BS-IV compliant petrol vehicles in the mass segment has somewhat worked for Maruti Suzuki and it has sold over 2 lakh units of BS-VI emission compliant vehicles in six months of launching its first such car in April this year. Hyundai Motor has been another early adopter of BS-VI cars and the Korean company does not think these models are currently selling faster than BS-IV. “I see buyers still buying BS-IV because of the offers and discounts it offers and only a handful of customers opting for BS-VI despite the price difference,” said Vikas Jain, national sales head at Hyundai Motor India. Several dealers ET spoke to feel manufacturers should have both BS-IV and BS-VI models on sale. “Only then will customers see value in the products. At this point, a buyer will go ahead and buy a BS-VI variant only if he is environmentally conscious,” says Nikunj Sanghi, chairman of Automotive Skills Development Council. Dealers also said the BS-IV vehicles will continue to command a high resale value for some time as service costs of a BS-VI vehicle are an imponderable for now. This is the reason several used car dealers are willing to carry a sizeable inventory. “There will be an increase in demand of BS-IV vehicles in the usedcar market. Dealers will get a higher margin, says Shubh Bansal, co-founder of pre-owned car dealer Truebil.   Source: er-cars-can-wait-india-laps-up-bs-iv-models-on-festive-offers/articleshow/71697666.cms  
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Doctors perform rare orthopedic surgery through a new innovation
Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department at Adan Hospital Dr Meshal Al-Hadhoud successfully performed a rare surgery through new innovation, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, on a woman who broke her foot. The surgery involved stabilizing a tarsal bone using a precision stick to avert the complications witnessed in the conventional method. Diabetic patients are the major beneficiaries of this method, adding that the patient can walk 48 hours after the surgery. Dr Al-Hadhoud affirmed that this method is different from the conventional method whereby patients require six weeks of rehabilitation before they can walk, because of the gypsum on the foot.   Source:  
Merida-Mexico is declared Best City in the world
Merida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan, was appointed “Best City in the World” for its natural and cultural attractions, the warmth of its people, and the promotion of the wide offer of experiences the state offers to its visitors. The award was presented by Condé Nast Traveler magazine in the category of small cities. The award was received by the Minister of Tourist Promotion, Michelle Fridman, in representation of the Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal. The winners of this award are selected by the magazine´s readers through online votes between over 10,000 hotels, destinations, spas, resorts, islands, cruises, airlines, airports among others. Merida won 1st place over Dresden-Germany, which was 2nd, Quebec-Canada 3rd, Salzburg-Austria 4th, Puerto Vallarta-Mexico 5th, Bergen-Norway 6th, Firenze-Italy 7th, Puebla-Mexico 8th, Monte Carlo-Monaco 9th and Cologne-Germany 10th.   Source:
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How “Citrus” increased sales through push notifications in a mobile application
Smartphone users delete three out of ten mobile apps within a month. Can a retailer effectively use a mobile app to increase sales? The international provider of mobile communications solutions for business, Infobip, talks about the Citrus case: as many as 35.5% of users who received a push notification became buyers. Task: Reporting Information The target audience of Citrus is young, advanced users of a wide variety of devices and gadgets: from headphones to laptops, from quadcopters to electric jets. Marketing campaigns in instant messengers, social networks, email and SMS have become part of Citrus’s communication strategy. The next step was the introduction of push-notifications for the mobile application. This channel has several advantages. Push is delivered to the lock screen: the user does not need to perform additional actions Media content: the ability to send pictures, buttons, emoji, diplinks Geofensing: you can do mailings only to those users who have entered a certain geographic area, for example, are located next to the store The cost of sending a single push notification is significantly lower than other communication channels. All this together allows us to reduce the scale of advertising campaigns, to make them more individual and targeted. “We spend a lot of time on the mobile phone Push, in our opinion, is very suitable for delivering urgent (important) information to the client, as well as a proposal with a limited period of validity,” said Sergey Kolchik, head of the analytics and monetization department. Solution: Infobip push integration, mailing testing and optimization According to Localytics, 1 out of 4 people who downloaded the application opens it only once. Moreover, 3 out of 10 installed applications are removed within 30 days of the download. Therefore, it is important to competently build communication with the user: ask for permission to send push at the right time, not to overload with notifications, send relevant information. Otherwise, there is a great risk of losing a client. “Citrus” collects the history of responses to marketing activities, analyzes the data and knows how and how much better to send a message to each client: via push, SMS, email, Viber or web-push. Due to the formation of sequences when sending messages, “Citrus” increased the percentage of openability of messages (Open Rate) in all channels by 31%. Another important point is the personalization of messages. Moreover, personalization means sending the most relevant offer for a specific client, and not “substitute a name in the message text”, which will be thoughtlessly sent throughout the entire database. This increased the Open Rate by 27%, and the level of formal replies decreased by 36%. This approach provides high returns for each communication channel, including push, which is used both as part of a multichannel solution and as an independent channel. Result: 35.5% of people made a purchase by getting a push “Citrus” uses 3 types of push-mailings in its mobile application: Service notifications: password to access personal account Conventional push to inform about promotions and discounts Geo-push to support large-scale events - draws and presentations - in TseHab spaces in Odessa and Kiev. At the time of launch, the main bet was placed on geo-push, that is, on the geofensing function. It works like this: when you configure a push campaign, geofences are indicated on the map, for example, a territory within a radius of 200 m from the store. If the buyer enters the designated geofence, then the push notification pops up on the lock screen - at the moment when it passes by the store. If the buyer has not entered the geofence during the campaign period, he will not receive the message, since the push will expire. To determine whether the user has logged into the geofence or not, the GPS of the smartphone is used. Citrus ”spoke about the geo-push campaign, which launched in honor of the 18th anniversary of the company. In Kiev, held a large-scale event, timed to the birthday, with treats, surprises and special offers for buyers. The push campaign was sent to customers who met the following criteria: The client is in Kiev The client has a mobile application “Citrus” The client entered the designated geofence (there were 10 geozones in total, each geofence is a region within a radius of 200 m from the store) The results were as follows: out of 76,000 users of the Citrus mobile app, who were in Kiev, 2,600 people entered the geofence and received a push notification. Of these 2,600 people, 924 made a purchase. Thus, the conversion to the purchase amounted to 35.5% of the number of users who received the push-notification. To achieve similar results, Citrus follows several rules: personalization, simplicity and positive. Mailings should be interesting to the client, mechanics (discount, bonuses, price) - understandable, and the text and the picture - positive. "Push notifications are a very effective and fairly inexpensive way to increase conversion on the site," Sergey Kolchik is convinced, "But it will be productive only if you create content correctly and efficiently."     Source: uvelichil-prodaji-s-pomoschyu-push-uvedomleniy-v-mobilnom-prilojenii
Emirates Airline´s Mexico City flight suspended
A judge decided to grant a writ of amparo to Aeromexico that stops the agreement of Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, which prevents the arrival of Emirates Airlines to the country. With this decision, the Dubai-Barcelona-Mexico flight planned by the airline will not be able to take place. Emirates Airlines informed that it will appeal Aeromexico´s writ of amparo, which orders the Mexican government to stop any action based on the bilateral agreement between the 2 nations. In the news conference, Scott Lantz, Manager of Emirate´s area for Mexico: “The idea is to follow all the necessary steps, all the necessary rules to operate in Mexico and we have constant contact with airport authorities and the idea is to start operations via Barcelona in December.”     Source:  
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