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600% growth in tourism overwhelms popular Baja California Sur beach in Mexico
A Baja California Sur beach has been overwhelmed by growth of more than 600% in visitor numbers over the past six years, prompting authorities to prepare a new management plan that includes charging people to access the protected coastal area. Located 20 kilometers from the state capital La Paz, Balandra has been described as the most beautiful beach in Mexico, and it seems many would agree. Its promotion by state tourism authorities and travel agencies as well as photos and videos of the beach on social media and popular blogs have caused visitor numbers to explode. “When we started visiting and studying Balandra 30 years ago, there was no tourism,” the state director of the Natural Protected Areas Commission (Conanp), told the newspaper Milenio. “. . . In 2013, we had 28,000 visitors . . . and we’ll end this year with 200,000 . . .” Benito Bermúdez Almada predicted, which would be a 614% increase. He said that as many as 2,000 people a day visit the beach, four times the recommended maximum. The massive tourism spike has placed a significant strain on Balandra, the main beach with its own parking lot; Balandra 2, where an iconic mushroom-shaped rock is located; and seven other beaches in the 2,500-hectare protected area.   Source:
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Specialist reveals new technique to treat disc problems
Interventional radiologist, spinal column and chronic pain consultant Dr Walid Al-Hajji spoke about a new technique to treat backbone disc problems. The treatment uses needles and advanced and accurate tools to resize the disc and make it smaller to allow the patient avoid major surgeries, adding that the success rate of these treatments is around 80 percent in most patients, along with exercising and reducing weight. Modern medicine aims to reduce surgeries, and this is the job of international radiology. The percentage of disc cases is high in the Gulf region in general and Kuwait in particular - up to 70 percent in the elderly, while it also affects younger people due to obesity, along with athletes who are involved in sports such as weightlifting without strengthening the back muscles. He said young men who do not pay attention to strengthening their muscles before being involved in weightlifting are prone to cartilage slips more than others. Young people advised to strengthen their muscles before starting to lift weights. The elderly suffers from disc cases because of advanced age and weakened back muscles. Most of those who suffer from disc disorders also suffer from sciatica, and its symptoms include pain that radiates to the legs, numbness in the feet, and muscle cramps in legs that increase with standing or sitting for long periods and sometimes with walking if the patient is overweight. The percentage of women with disc cases increases after the age of 50 due to the danger of osteoporosis and may reach a prevalence of 80 percent, while youngsters are less prone to suffer from disc conditions. They warned against laziness, lack of exercise and being overweight, because these are the main causers of disc conditions.   Source:
-Día de Muertos- theme park opens in the Mexican state of Guadalajara
Now in its second year, “Calaverandia” the -Día de Muertos- theme park located in the Mexican state of Guadalajara has been expanded with the expectation of hosting more guests, as Calaverandia’s inaugural run was a big hit with the public. This year’s park will feature over 30 attractions, including immersive tours through the underworld, exhibitions of altars and decorated skulls, live music, a neon lights area, ball pits and more. The park’s showpiece is El Inframundo, or The Underworld, which has been expanded 50% over last year. The immersive experience takes visitors through the Aztec netherworld of Mictlán. The 4-D show Alma will tell the rich history of the -Día de Muertos- tradition. There will also be a seven-meter-tall alebrije statue, photography areas, themed characters, video mapping and Catrina shows, canoe tours and cultural games for the kids. A mariachi band will play traditional songs every hour at the park’s main altar to the dead, and will perform tributes to famous Mexican singers who have now passed away, such as Juan Gabriel and José. The interactive cemetery has also been expanded to include activities for children, and there will be lots of traditional Mexican delights in the food court. Last year’s park saw an estimated 3,000 visitors a day — about 40,000 in total, but the organizers are expecting that number to rise to 4,000 a day this year, so they have extended the hours of operation from 7:00pm-12:00am Sunday to Thursday, and 7:00pm-1:00am on Saturday.   Source:
Chinese firm investment in the Mexican state of Nuevo León to build natural gas-powered buses
A Chinese bus manufacturer will invest US $326 million in an assembly plant in Nuevo León that will produce buses that burn natural gas. Mexican bus company Golden Star 4000 partnered with Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd. to build the factory in the municipality of El Carmen. The plant’s capacity will be 4,800 vehicles a year. Golden Star 4000 already has 17 of the eco-friendly buses — that were assembled in China — operating on routes in Mexico. Nuevo León Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón said Mexican-built buses have already been contracted for an express route to connect Monterrey to García, some 40 kilometers to the west. The route is expected to begin operating on November 15th, and will connect with Monterrey’s Ecovía rapid transit system. He said the municipality plans to create other routes for the buses the plant will produce, connecting with Juárez and Cadereyta. The buses are equipped with high-tech amenities such as interior and exterior cameras, air conditioning and wireless internet.   Source:
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China investment, in search of Mexican companies
The Chinese business accelerator Tojoy announced its arrival in Mexico and plans to find, in a first phase, between 30 and 40 Mexican business projects to offer support, financing and development opportunities to take them to China. "We are looking for very successful Mexican companies to help them standardize their business and grow their business model and bring them to China, use the resources of Chinese entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. In one year, we will be talking about a large group of companies in Mexico and China that will make a good connection, we expect between 30 and 40 projects or deals that we can start," said Jun GE, ToJoy's Global CEO, in an interview with El Heraldo de Mexico. The company can directly exercise a capital injection in those projects it considers profitable, or also helps them find potential investors in China, as it has a network of 700,000 entrepreneurs or decision makers willing to exercise capital in these projects. He said they are interested in the high-tech industry, e-commerce, any business based on the Internet and traditional sectors such as food, restaurant, arts and crafts, "also in the projects of large department store chains in Mexico, to expand their projects to China," he said.   Source:
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