By Young Co., (abbr. BYC) was set up in Taipei city in 2015. BYC has transformed plain color cleaning wipes for 3C products into printed pattern wipes, moreover, characteristic of Taiwanese lifestyles, such as traditional foods in night markets. BYC has made printed pattern wipes a high value-added souvenir. Major customers are foreign tourists. All the raw materials, designing, manufacturing, and selling are all based in Taiwan. Besides the series of Taiwanese lifestyle patterns designing by BYC. It is authorized by many Taiwanese illustrators to print their artworks on microfiber wipes. Furthermore, BYC provides the personalized design of printed pattern wipes.


These years, BYC participated in many of TAITRA ‘s events in Southeastern Asia. With the matchmaking opportunity, BYC made further cooperation with Singaporean company Shevron Pte Ltd., which has been established for more than 30 years, specializing in providing one-stop, unique and customized gift solutions for the customers. Currently, BYC’s products have been successfully on its e-commerce platform.