During the epidemic, OO Co., Ltd. hopes that through participating in the "2022 Healthcare Industry Online Networking Between Taiwan and Mainland China" event organized by TAITRA, it will find medical material import agent distributors, chain pharmacy operators and daily necessities import agent distributors, and continue to promote trade.

Mr. Chang, OO Co., Ltd. sales manager, affirmed that the event website can fully present the company's introduction, product introduction, and assist in uploading videos to Tencent Cloud, which not only increases publicity opportunities, but also allows buyers to understand the company's products before meeting. After online trade meeting with 7 buyers in mainland China on June 23 and 24, Youcare Pharmaceutical Group, Huihong Medical Technology Co., Limited and JD Worldwide were selected as potential buyers. Taking Youcare Pharmaceutical Group as the priority distribution channel, OO Co., Ltd. has already sent its products in July. 

Mr. Chang expressed his gratitude to TAITRA, which effectively established a distribution channel in mainland China. He looked forward to participating in more events.