TZULAï was established in 2013, and its team members are from the business, marketing and senior designer team of Gaochang Trading. Gaochang Trading has been engaged in the manufacture of household products for 30 years, mainly designing and OEM for high-end European brands; through the integration of Taiwan factories, Gaochang can not only manufacture and develop high-quality household products, but also have independent design capabilities.
The Gaochang team has been devoted to cultivating Taiwanese local culture in recent years, and TZULAï was born out of the love for Taiwanese culture. The seaside plastic waste on the edge of the sea uses the original family industry's expertise in plastic household products and the technical resources of downstream manufacturers to overcome the arduous process of sea waste recycling. After coffee grounds, it gives sea waste "plastic wood" a new life. Just as its name comes from the Taiwanese "cuo nei", which means home. "Cuo Nei" hopes that Taiwan will also have a brand of household goods that belongs to our memory, carrying the terroir texture and cultural context, and seeing the current life inward; telling the "house-style life" outward, so that the memory and connection can be Shine internationally.