Fried Chicken Master is the first Taiwanese fried chicken brand to obtain the certification of Muslim-friendly restaurant. Their total number of stores has exceeded 90 worldwide. Fried Chicken Master has actively participated in TAITRA’s global events, such as International exhibitions, International Business Opportunity Day and online trade meetings to expand the overseas markets.

On March 23 2023, under the witness of Chairman of TAITRA, James Huang, Fried Chicken Master and Happy Lemon held a signing ceremony for their Strategic Memorandum of Regional Cooperation in the United States.

Happy Lemon has expanded to more than 200 cities in 20 countries around the world, and the total number of stores in the United States exceeds 100. It has very rich experience in the development of the United States. The signing of the strategic memorandum of cooperation between the two brands will add new momentum to the growth of the two companies in the US market, and will also initiate more cooperation opportunities at home and abroad in the future.

The famous Taiwanese fried chicken Fried Chicken Master and the well-known hand-shake drink Happy Lemon have joined forces to jointly develop the US market with the strongest combination of Taiwanese cuisine, allowing more people to enjoy the delicious food from Taiwan.