HMM (Kiwico Corporation) is a local Taiwanese brand established in 2014 by Kiwico Corporation, a group of designers focusing on brand development and product design. It emerged as an independent entity, breaking away from the structure of an advertising design company to establish the HMM Design Brand. In addition to classic and creative designs, HMM incorporates elements of environmental sustainability. Their stationery products, including rulers, scissors, slide pens, and paper clips, have garnered domestic and international recognition and awards.


In 2019, TAITRA reached HMM and extended a proactive invitation for them to participate in The Cultural and Creative Matchmaking Event. Despite their numerous international design awards, HMM had not previously engaged in TAITRA's activities and was unaware of our role in assisting businesses with global marketing. From 2019 to 2023, including the challenging COVID-19 period, TIATRA provided HMM with timely and diverse marketing channels through various cultural and creative promotion activities.

For the 2023 Cultural and Creative Matchmaking Event, TAITRA had arranged Muy and HMM for online meetings successfully on April 12. Soon HMM, had already completed the first shipment of their entire product range in mid-May. According to HMM Manager Mei, the French market has been stagnant due to the pandemic, and inflation caused by the war has impacted the German market. Muy has demonstrated the most proactive and swift response among Mei's negotiation counterparts. Consequently, both parties have signed an agreement appointing Muy as the regional distributor for Spain and Portugal. TAITRA has successfully facilitated HMM (Kiwico Corporation) secure the agency contract with Muy and establish new marketing channels in Spain and Portugal.