Since its establishment 8 years ago, the chain franchise brand "OO" under A Co., Ltd. has developed more than 200 stores in Taiwan. The first overseas store opened successfully in the West Coast of the United States in June this year (2023), successfully expanding the brand territory to overseas.

In addition to continuing to promote the franchise business in Taiwan and overseas, considering the busy life of modern people and consumers' emphasis on convenience and speed, Company A also actively developed branded packaged food in the channel. Since June 2022, Company A started its cooperation with Q Supermarket. It also cooperates with famous convenience store from 2023, in order to grasp the channel sales opportunities.

Company A participated in the 2023 International Franchise Exhibition New York City- Taiwan Chain Brands Pavilion (Jun/1~3) and took part in the channel visit activity in New Jersey. Company A's supervisor, Mr. Lin, stated that this exhibition marks the company's first venture into the U.S. East Coast market. The number of potential franchise buyers inquiring about the brand exceeded their original expectations, and they were quite satisfied with the quality of visiting buyers and the pre-show channel visit activities.

During the exhibition, Company A held discussions with several well-known American supermarkets, including Costco, Hmart, and TAWA Supermarket. This move undoubtedly expands Company A's brand presence into the American supermarket channels.

Furthermore, Company A's first overseas franchise store successfully opened on the U.S. West Coast in June this year. During this exhibition, the company also engaged with local restaurant operators and beauty industry professionals interested in investing in bubble tea. After the exhibition, Company A entered into discussions with these two potential buyers for cooperation and agency details. It is foreseeable that in the near future, the OO brand will also shine and thrive on the U.S. East Coast.